Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer

Las Vegas Drug Crimes Lawyer

NRS 453 governs controlled substances in Nevada such as cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, MDMA (also known as Extasy), hydrocodone and marijuana.

In Nevada, possession of any controlled substance for personal use, with the exception of possession of marijuana for personal use, is a felony. That means even if you have one pill of MDMA, you will be charged with a felony.

If you've been charged with possession of a controlled substance under NRS 453, you should know the following dangers of pleading guilty to felony possession of controlled substance and pleading guilt to misdemeanor possession of dangerous drugs not to be introduced in to interstate commerce. Here's what typically happens and maybe this same situation is what happened to you when you visited Las Vegas: You were at a nightclub on the strip and a security officer saw you in the bathroom snorting cocaine, or you were trying to get in to one of the pools at one of the hotels and the security guards searched you and found cocaine or some other contraband on you. If this happened to you, then I want to tell you directly – your life is not over. I can help you.

I've represented many tourists who have come to Las Vegas and have been arrested for possession of various controlled substances for personal use. Most of these clients have never been in trouble in their lives. I'm proud to say that every client I have represented with little or no criminal history or prior criminal convictions, I've been able to keep their records clean and get the charges dismissed through negotiations. That's something most lawyers can't tell you.

The standard offer that will be presented to you if you are charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance is to plead guilty to a Misdemeanor Possession of Dangerous Drugs Not To Be Introduced Into Interstate Commerce, pay a fine and complete a class. I never recommend my clients accept this offer. This is a lousy offer. It's the same offer that the prosecutor makes to defendants represented by public defenders. Paris Hilton took this same deal and was detained at a Japanese airport and refused entry in to the country because she had this misdemeanor drug conviction. She was told to leave Japan and she couldn't promote her new product.

If you plead guilty to this misdemeanor, employers and potential employers will see that you have a conviction for a drug related crime and assume that you have a drug problem and fire you or not hire you. This is because you may be considered too much of a liability by your employer or potential employer. In this economy, employers are really selective about whom they want to hire. If it's between hiring someone who has a clean record and someone who has a drug related misdemeanor conviction, guess whom the employer is more likely to hire? Why? Because a person with a misdemeanor conviction for drugs is a potential civil liability to an existing employer or to a potential employer. The employer thinks of it this way – "If we hire this person with a drug conviction or drug problem and then he/she gets in to an accident on the job, we will get sued!" Also, if you have a professional occupational license from the state you work in, a conviction for a misdemeanor drug crime can be a big problem for you in keeping your license. If you are applying for a professional occupational license, a conviction for a misdemeanor drug crime can mean that you will not be granted that license.

I am proud to say that every client I've represented who has no prior criminal history or only minimal criminal history who has been charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, I've been able to get their charges completely dismissed through negotiation. This means that when my clients do a drug class online, pay a fine, and have no new arrests for up to one year, their cases get dismissed which means the charges are dropped. Now please understand that as a lawyer I cannot ethically guarantee the same results in your case, but you should know that I can make this claim and most lawyers can't. I've been so successful in obtaining these results because I go the extra mile in fighting for my clients.

If you have been arrested for any type of drug related offense, call me. When you hire my law firm, you hire me and only me to represent you. Unlike larger law firms, I am the only lawyer in my law firm which means that I will personally represent you and never hand your case off to some associate lawyer right out of law school the way most other law firms do. I'm the lawyer you retain, the lawyer who goes to court for you, the lawyer who files motions on your behalf, the lawyer who keeps you informed of the status of your case, and the lawyer who personally advises you on the course of action to take in representing you. Over the past decade, I've also represented hundreds of clients ranging in federal drug trafficking charges to state drug possession charges.

Do not plead guilty before consulting with me. Call me at (702) 966-5310 for your free consultation.